• 5 Situations To Discuss With A Gynecologist

    The field of gynecology addresses a wide range of issues, and you might be surprised by some of the problems you should discuss with a gynecologist. Anyone experiencing these 5 concerns should consider scheduling a consultation. Periods Many stereotypes discourage people from discussing their periods with doctors. Cultural norms often indicate that pain and irregularity are normal. That might be the case for some, but it's not necessarily true for everybody.
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  • How Do Gynecologists Treat Abnormal Bleeding?

    Abnormal bleeding can ruin your favorite pair of underwear. It can also be a cause for concern about your health. Fortunately, your gynecologist can help. Here are five things your gynecologist may do to treat abnormal bleeding: 1. Hysteroscopy And Biopsy Before your gynecologist can treat your abnormal bleeding, they must first diagnose the cause of your bleeding. Bleeding may be caused by pregnancy, hormone imbalances, or certain types of cancers.
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