5 Situations To Discuss With A Gynecologist

Posted on: 15 August 2022

The field of gynecology addresses a wide range of issues, and you might be surprised by some of the problems you should discuss with a gynecologist. Anyone experiencing these 5 concerns should consider scheduling a consultation.


Many stereotypes discourage people from discussing their periods with doctors. Cultural norms often indicate that pain and irregularity are normal. That might be the case for some, but it's not necessarily true for everybody.

Even if you think there isn't a problem, you should meet with a gynecologist if you're experiencing painful or irregular periods. Although the pain might be a symptom of normal menstruation, it could also be a sign of a medical condition like inflammation, infection, fibroids, or endometriosis. Irregular periods may be tied to potential causes of infertility, too.

Sexual Concerns

Once more, people can often be dismissive of sexual issues for cultural reasons. However, a healthy person should be comfortable with their sexual functionality regardless of norms. If you're experiencing pain or bleeding during sex, a low libido, or dryness, these may be signs of vaginal, uterine, or hormonal issues.

A gynecologist can assess the situation and provide better guidance. Oftentimes, treatments allow patients to approach their sexual health and interests more fully once the doctor has narrowed in on the potential causes of trouble.


If you're planning to use any type of contraception, discuss it first with your gynecologist. This is especially true if you've had previous trouble with certain types of contraceptives. Likewise, anyone who is new to contraceptive use should have a conversation with a doctor so they know what their full range of options might be.


Some odors are common, especially as you go through your menstrual cycle. The odors may change a bit. However, they should be abnormal or impossible to control. If the level of vaginal odor is enough that it bothers you, there could be other medical problems happenings so contact a gynecologist immediately.

Fertility and Pregnancy

All planned and unplanned pregnancy questions should go straight to a gynecologist, regardless of whether you are pregnant, wish to become pregnant, or are unsure if you might have become pregnant. A doctor can determine how far along the pregnancy is and monitor for any potential concerns.

Early intervention can make a huge difference in how the process will go. This applies to both fertility concerns and pregnancies. Speaking with a gynecologist sooner is always better.


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