Tips To Help You Prep For A Quick Recovery After Hysterectomy Surgery

Posted on: 5 September 2019

There are several reasons why a doctor recommends that women undergo hysterectomy surgeries. This surgery could be used to prevent a future problem or to resolve an existing issue – either way, how you prep for the surgery will play a huge role in how easily and quickly you recover. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you prepare for your hysterectomy surgery.

One Week Before Surgery

This is the time that you need to stop eating all of those hard to digest foods, or the foods that take longer for your body to process and digest. When you go in for your surgery, your bowels need to be as empty as possible, so you will also probably have to drink a bowel-prep medication. The bowel-prep medication can be very uncomfortable if you have a lot of stool built up in your bowels. This gentler diet will make it easier for the medication to break down the stool and move it through your system with minimal cramping.

Take a shopping trip now. You'll want a few things for the days right after the surgery to stay more comfortable. You'll need:

At least two comfortable pillows – one for your head and one for your body (a body pillow is a wonderful choice).

Tums Anti-Gas Soft Chews – These are some of the best tasting, fast working gas tablets on the market - get yourself at least one container as gas will be one of your greatest discomforts.

Two heating pads – You'll want one to place on your lower back and one to place on your belly.

Extra Sheets – There's a very good chance that the first few weeks after your surgery in which you'll suffer from night sweats. Having extra sheets on hand will help reduce your need to wash laundry as you recover.

Healthy snacks – Try to find some snacks that are soft, healthy, and can be stored in your nightstand or bedside cooler. Yes, you will need to get up and walk to begin feeling better, but until you're ready to do that, you have to keep your strength up and keep food in your belly so the medications you take don't make you sick.

This list will go a long way in keeping you more comfortable as you recover. Believe it or not, your physical recovery won't take long – it's finding the new hormonal balance that can take time. Make sure to keep talking with your OBGYN to help with the hormonal changes that you'll experience.

For more information on hysterectomies, consult an OBGYN in your area.


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