Three Symptoms You Should Never Ignore If You Are At Risk For Ovarian Cancer

Posted on: 5 September 2019

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common reproductive cancers that women are at risk of being diagnosed with. Even though ovarian cancer is often deemed a silent problem that does not have a lot of symptoms, this type of cancer does have some symptoms, especially in the latter or more advanced stages. Since the chances of surviving ovarian cancer are better with an early diagnosis, it is critical that you never ignore certain things as a female. Here is a short list of symptoms that you should talk to your OB/GYN about if you are at risk of ovarian cancer. 

Changes in how quickly you feel full should never be ignored. 

Your appetite can ebb and flow as you get older or as you go through different hormonal periods in your life as a woman. However, one symptom of ovarian cancer is feeling full quicker than usual. If you start feeling full quickly and that feeling does not subside over a period of time, it is a must to speak with your doctor about what you are experiencing. Ovarian cancer can change the shape of your internal reproductive organs, which can make you feel fuller faster than what you normally would. 

You should talk to your doctor if you feel bloated on a regular basis. 

Bloating can be blamed on gas, changes in your diet, or even regular hormonal changes, which is why most women do not mention feelings of bloat or pressure in the abdomen to their OB/GYN at all no matter how long they have been experiencing the problem. Unfortunately, bloating is also a symptom of ovarian cancer, and it is one of the most commonly ignored symptoms because it is so easy to blame on some other problem. If you have issues with bloating and it is not going away on its own or with dietary changes, it can be a good idea to talk to your doctor. 

Never disregard changes in urinary habits. 

Urinary changes can be caused by a vast array of different problems, and having a hard time holding your bladder when you feel the urge to go is a natural part of aging. However, feeling like you constantly have to urinate can also be related to tumors on the ovaries. As these growths get larger, they can push up against your bladder and urinary tract, which will make you feel like you have to urinate more frequently. 


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