Odd Sensations And "Off" Smells: Signs Your Lady Parts Have A Problem

Posted on: 4 September 2019

You go to the gynecologist for birth control. You see a gynecologist for reproductive health and when you are pregnant so that you can deliver a healthy baby. Yet, there are also those times when you should see a gynecologist because something else is funny "down there." Odd sensations and "off" smells are red light indicators that your lady parts may need an extra exam beyond the usual annual gynecological visit. Check what you are experiencing against the list and descriptions below to see if you should make an appointment.

Temporary Fishy Smell vs. Fishy Smell That Will Not Go Away

Vaginal secretions frequently take on funky smells. It is just the body's way of either dealing with an infection, or releasing strong odors associated with foods you have eaten. Fishy odor is common within twelve to twenty-four hours after eating any sort of fish. This fishy odor goes away after two to three days (unless you eat fish again during that time). If you have fishy odor that shows up and you have not consumed fish at all lately or fishy odor that lasts more than three days in the absence of consuming fish, your vagina may be trying to fight off a bacterial infection. It will not succeed, and the smell will get worse. Your gynecologist can prescribe an antibiotic to treat the problem. 

Smells Like Warm Bread, Itches Like Crazy

While you might think that having labia and a vagina that smells like warm bread would be heaven, it typically is not. Worse still, this infection is accompanied by cottage cheese-like granules that range from white to yellow-green, and your labia will itch so bad that you will want to claw them with eagle's talons just to see if you can get any relief. It is a very awkward situation, and one which you try to avoid, but a yeast infection is the most common and the worst sort of infection to deal with when your doctor is out of the office for the weekend or a week and you need to know how to treat the problem now.

Pain, Severe Irritation, and the Smell of Bloody Meat

This particularly uncomfortable situation is often the result of a lack of hormones. Post-menopausal women and women who have unnaturally low levels of estrogen and progesterone end up with very dry vaginas. Very dry vaginas have no lubrication during sex, and therefore are susceptible to severe irritation, cracking, tearing, and bleeding. Once the bleeding starts, then your vagina will carry the odor of raw meat, and it could possibly become infected as well. If you have experienced pain and irritation during sex, see a gynecologist who can provide you with hormone replacement therapy and vaginal dryness remedies.

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